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Our speaker on Tuesday 10 July is Bill Weeks from Alton, who will talk about the history and traditions of ’Hampshire Hops’.



There is no sign of the temperatures dropping for the foreseeable future and even less chance of any rain appearing. None of us want our plants to die. If we all help to conserve water then maybe there will be enough to go around. Here are a few tips to make the water go further:


·         Water plants in the very early morning or preferably late at night when it is cooler so that water doesn't evaporate in the heat of the day before it can reach the roots

·         Use a watering can where possible and aim directly at the roots, rather than scattering water on leaves which will probably scorch them and not do much to help the plant

·         If you do use a hose, use a trigger-operated spray gun to control the flow

·         Give a really good soaking once a week, or when the plants are wilting, to help plants develop a deep healthy root system. Watering too often can keep roots shallow and weaken plants

  •    Prioritise containers, hanging baskets, fruit and vegetable crops and anything newly planted. Not all plants need the same amount of water so be selective about your watering

·         Try to keep the weeds down so that watering helps the plants and not the weeds

·         Place a tub or bucket under hanging baskets to catch the overflow

·         Dead head regularly so the plants don’t waste energy trying to make seed

·         Avoid turning or digging the soil

·         Don’t cut your lawn and certainly don’t water it. It probably won’t be growing much anyway. If you must cut, leave it long so as to protect the roots and leave the cuttings on to retain moisture and feed the grass. It may be brown but will quickly recover when it rains

·         Mulch around your borders to help keep your soil cooler and deter weeds

·         Avoid watering every day as this encourages the plant roots to grow near the surface of the soil making them much more vulnerable to drought

·         Don’t waste water inside the home. Collect cold water in a bucket or bowl when waiting for the hot water to come through in a shower. Keep a bowl in the sink to catch any stray water such as when washing vegetables. Remember to chuck it on the garden before it becomes to heavy to lift

·         Don’t forget the wildlife who have a hard-enough time trying to survive at the best of times. Ensure there is always clean fresh water available for them in your garden.


Ever wondered what happens behind the doors of the RHS Garden Wisley Laboratory? Join a knowledgeable guide for a tour ‘behind the scenes’ and gain an insight into the amazing work taking place. Included in the tour is a visit to the Research Library where unique collections of horticultural science can be discovered. Tours take place once per month on selected Wednesdays 11 July – 12 December 2.00pm – 3.00pm. Tour price: £15 (garden entry not included). Book online at



·                     WGC – Mel and Gill’s Summer Barbecue Saturday 14 July. The weather promises to be perfect for this annual event. Loads of food and wonderful colourfully planted gardens to enjoy whilst chatting convivially to other members over a glass of your favourite beverage. The only place to be.


·                     WGC – Summer Show and Social Evening Tuesday 14 August. For this event only, the venue is Fairlands Community Hall. Full details and timings in August Newsletter.


·                     The Summer Garden Show at Loseley Park, Guildford, GU3 1HS Friday 27 – Sunday 29 July 10am – 5.00pm. The show returns for the 7th year and is set to take place right in front of beautiful Loseley House and Gardens. There will be a wide range of exhibitors with a variety of wares and products.


The Club’s second Community project is Steps, nominated by member Dorothy Sims. Steps, based in Goldsworth Park, gives a second chance to 14 to 16-year-olds who have been struggling in mainstream school. The Club donated tubs, plants and compost and the pupils did the rest. They have certainly brightened up the entrance to Steps and are very grateful for the support the Club has given.




The end of the war celebration is on 15 September 2018. Volunteers needed to assist on the Club’s stall for an hour or two or longer if you can. Please see Keith if you can help.



Resolve to get some water butts or more water butts. Too late for this heatwave but you can be ready for the next drought situation. Garden Centres, DIY stores, local councils, the internet – plenty of choice. Add guttering to any sheds or outbuildings you may have so you can squeeze in an extra butt or two. If you have room, link two or more together. Plants prefer rain water to tap water.